Raw Vegetables

RAW RAW RAW. New craze at the moment is the “Raw food” movement. Basically it doesn’t require cooking- bonus!
Raw cooking is actually not cooking but preparing food the best way to contain its nutritional benefits and maintaining the bio availability of macro nutrients increase into your body. Meaning you get the best out of your food that you put into your body. Without all the preservatives and unnatural ways of breaking down the food before it enters you stomach (ie. boiling, roasting, frying, microwaving, steaming etc)
I’m sure a lot of people have even experienced when vegetables are over cooked, they are tasteless and without texture! Vegetables are fantastic to create all wonderful treats and nutritious meals for the entire family. Tip: Be adventurous. Try a vegetable you’ve never had or even better, if you know you’ve tried all, discover what combination makes your taste buds explode with new sensations

Raw food can open your eyes on how food can make us “feel”. As a trainer for many years I have advocated healthy eating, and whatever you’re eating should reflect on what you are trying to achieve. “If you eat junk, you look like and FEEL like junk”
Junk foods that we categorise are typically known for containing high saturated fats, high salt, high sugar, high levels of preservatives and artificial colours. Whilst what is happening in our shops and in the products are high levels of misconception of marketing foods as “healthy” and good for us. But there nutritional content isn’t that nutritious. That means you’re getting deceived! Reading labels has become even more difficult with the ingredients of some products becoming more like a list of chemicals and numbers than real food ingredients! So it’s becoming ever so confusing for someone to become healthy… so what do you do???

Eat raw! If it’s raw, it’s untouched by heavy machinery/cookers and chemical laden ingredients. Therefore you are going to feel fabulous from all the nutrients that mother nature has provided.
As a trainer and someone that lives life. I understand life doesn’t have to be extreme and totally immersed into being some sort of “health freak”. So don’t try to go totally RAW as some advocate preach. I’m saying- Try eating more raw? You be amazed of how your body feels by just including more Raw nutritious foods.
There are tonnes and tonnes of new raw food guides, cafes, restaurants and diets, so give it a go.