The X-training approach:

The studio is located 7 Main Street in Osborne Park/Mount Hawthorn area and will be taking on the approach of health, fitness, lifestyle and well-being.

As learned over many years in the health & fitness industry, people are seeking the whole package of healthy living without the “meat-head/hero” stigma of a stereotypical gym.

The X-training studio is emphasising on the community feel and comfortable way into a healthy lifestyle. Including a huge array of fitness and holistic ways of getting the most potential out of yourself.

The studio will include: Personal training facilities, group fitness ( boxing/circuit etc), SPIN, Yoga, Pilates, Massage therapy, nutritional and natural therapies. But most importantly the vibe you feel comfortable to coming and working out with having fun in a safe environment.

If you are a beginner to an athlete you will be welcome. But if your aim is the grunt/ pose/drop big weight & show off… X-training studio isn’t designed for you.

Anyone willing to sweat, workout and get fit the doors will be open and arrange a workout for YOU!

Able to workout with peace of mind that a well experienced and knowledgable staff are there to help and advise you. Group training being one of the main focuses to keep variety and intensity of your training. To keep it interesting and attainable to continue for a lifestyle than just “fad” or extreme period of time. So if you always wanted a “down to earth” & comfortable place to train, sweat and have fun?  X-training has lots of variety to keep you interested and a balance in a healthy lifestyle

X-training Studio is “pay as you train”, that means no sales pitch, no contracts, no special deals. no gimmicks, JUST TRAINING!