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Bowen Therapy is a dynamic soft tissue therapy that can be applied holistically or remedially, working to re-hydrate the Fascia or Connective Tissue (which envelopes all other body tissues) it enables the body’s own healing response. When fascia becomes dehydrated through injury, ageing or overuse it can create pain, stiffness, immobility and diminished healing response in the body.

Bowen moves are applied accordingly to strategic locations over muscles, tendons and ligaments reactivating a normal hydration in this tissue and allowing the body to really ‘wake up’ and begin a healing process which can influence and have a positive effect on muscles, nerves, organ systems, joints and other organic complaints.

Working simultaneously with much of the latest research in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Meridian systems, Acu-points and Myofascial Trigger Point theories a treatment can include designated wait times between moves giving the body an opportunity to promote homeostasis of the body tissues and systems.

Some conditions assisted by Bowen are:
Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
Headaches, Dizziness or Vertigo
Joint Pain
Tendon & Ligament Problems
Sporting Injuries (Acute & Chronic)
Postural Problems and much more…

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Therapist : Anita began her Bowen career after being involved in managing a Bodywork clinic that specialised in Bowen therapy.

After experiencing the effects of this particular therapy herself, Anita has been dedicated to studying and practising Bowen in the 2 years that followed, now nearing the completion of her Diploma with Smart Bowen International College.
Anita is passionate about Bowen as a gentle and non-invasive therapy, which empowers your body’s own healing resources to achieve balance and harmony as well as being a therapy that’s effective in providing lasting relief.

Bowen is safe to use on any person or animal from newborns to the elderly, with positive responses to sports injuries acute or chronic and other organic complaints.’