Mission Statement

X-training is developed to provide an alternative to typical group fitness training found in gyms. Offering a wide range of disciplines to provide an overall total body workout!

X-training uses cross training & cross fit techniques utilising major muscles of the body.Tailoring it for all ages and fitness levels to grasp easily and enjoy the benefits.

All X-training classes are designed to develop a social and friendly environment where clients will get to know each other with partner and team drills /exercises. Thus generating a fun and pleasurable environment to continue group fitness exercise.

Modern lifestyles increasingly use of technology and fast foods which is causing the population average to become increasingly overweight, unfit and more susceptible to injury. X-training can provide a way of combating these problems by using exercises that encourage cardiovascular fitness, strength, speed, power, flexibility, agility and mobility. Also X-training will strengthen core/trunk muscles that are common for daily use of living and help prevent postural injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is X-training?

X-training has its studio @ #7 Main Street  Osborne Park / Mount Hawthorn area. Closest corner to Scarborough Beach Road. With plently of parking at the rear of building access lane via Baden street.

Glendalough train station within a 5 minute walk ( 2 minute jog…) and bus stop located directly at the the studio door!

Do I need to be super fit to start X-training??

No. All X-training classes are developed to cater for all levels of fitness. The most important thing is willingness and the want to give it a go! A good attitude is essential and eagerness to have some fun will definitely help also.

Can I do it??

ANYONE can! We are all individuals, so everyone will have different strengths and weaknesses. We workout as a team/partners therefore we can help & motivate each other

**Not suitable anyone with health issues or injuries or pregnant.

Is there lots of running involved??

No need to always run, plenty of alternatives. But if you planning on coming to  Bootcamp there is small amount of running.There ability to jog  (400m) is what is recommended. But you will have the group keep you motivated, KEEP MOVING!!!

I have an injury; can I do X-training?

X-training is NOT a rehabilitation program, nor is suitable if you are getting treated or recovering from an injury. It’s recommended to get medical certificate/exercise clearance from your Doctor/health practitioner before beginning X-training if you have had an injury in the past. **Please check out post rehab Personal training service offered.

Can I train if I’m pregnant?

Ladies yes you can continue your exercise! But X-training is not advised while pregnant. Definitely maintain your fitness and strength over your pregnancy with a gym program; aqua fitness, cycling etc (**please refer to services- Personal Training- antenatal training that is offered). But X-Training is not deal for this time.

Approximately 6weeks after giving birth and clearance from your GP. You can begin X- training to shred those extra few kilos from pregnancy!

How much does it cost???

X-training is “pay as you train”, that means no sales pitch, no contracts, no special deals. no gimmicks, JUST TRAINING!

ONLY $15 per session TEN VISIT PASS=$130 THIRTY VISIT PASS=$300


Can I do just a one off/casual class???

ALL SESSIONS are casual base payments ($15). Bookings are essential and numbers are limited.

How do I sign up or book???


Email or call Paul to book your place!



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