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The people have spoken- “We want a free-weights based program to burn maximum calories in the shortest amount of time”
This type of workout will get your resistance/toning/conditioning training with maximum intensity to make your fat melt, muscle burn, heart thump, lungs expand and make your brain buzz! Metabolism training is nothing new to Paul’s X-training studio & team, but now it’s coming as set time on the timetable… ONLY $15

HIIT is a style of workout made to be INTENSE! but worthwhile for almost everyone! This is an intensity based program rather a choreographed to music group class. You will be set into a small group session (no more than 16 people) and given a 45minute routine to absolutely blast you, with minimum style breaks between drills to ignite your metabolism and indicate to your body to shredd fat!

HIIT training has had a surge over the last few years as science has caught up and the research has proof on how effective it really is!

For the people that never seemed  to get anywhere, but supposedly worked out hard with invested time doing cardio and endless sets of weights in the gym, or repetitive exercise choreographed and repeated over & over… but never really got anywhere???


The human body is amazing and adapts to repeative movements and will learn to use the minimal energy required to survive. Therefore in HIIT styles of programs the body will never get a chance to adapt, so the only thing is can do is throw those excess calories and fat into the energy to perform!

TIME: 45 minutes is only required. At X-training the session will include a short warm up and warm down to ensure safety but mentally focus on working hard for only 35-40minutes, then you can recover and enjoy the benefits of a successful workout!

PRICE: only $15 a session ( multi passes are available x10 and x30)

BOOKINGS: Can be made online to secure spot or pay on the day. Classes will be keep strictly to 16 max.

WHY SHOULD YOU DO IT?: There is many reasons: It’s quick and effective, or you can’t quite afford PT regularly with a Trainer but want the similar intensity, training in a group/team helps motivate you, Like bootcamp but you don’t like getting dirty ( HA!) , you want to train with weights but not sure if I’m doing it correct…

WHO SHOULDN’T YOU DO THIS TYPE OF WORKOUT?: The people that don’t want results…haha. No but seriously this type of work out is made to push you out of your comfort zone. You can put in as much as YOU want. No one can do the exercise for you.

Pregnant ladies don’t need this style right now, but after giving birth and getting the all clear from your GP. DO IT!

Injured or medical conditions may not be ideal for such as intensive class. ONE TO ONE training or a program designed specifically for you might be the best alternative than attempting a HIIT workout first up. Talk to a trainer today for more advice and liase with medical practitioner.




MONDAY- 915 am

MONDAY- 530pm


FRIDAY- 545am & 515PM

SATURDAY – 730am


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