“Rae is a qualified Studio Pilates instructor who is passionate about helping clients move freely, age gracefully and love their bodies”


Pilates has become synonymous with lean, toned bodies, however the benefits go far beyond core strength and flexibility.
10 Benefits from regular Pilates sessions are;
• Improves bone density
• Promotes weight loss
• Ease pain
• Strengthens core
• Prevents injury
• Improves flexibility
• Increases strength
• Improves balance
• Improves posture
• Boosts heart rate
If you want an overall improved quality of life through exercise, give Pilates a try!
Live, Love Pilates and experience the benefits.
“The difference between ‘try’ and ‘triumph’ is just a little ‘umph!’ – Marvin Phillips

Your instructor:

Rae Walker has been in the fitness industry for more years than she would care to remember. She hails from New Zealand where from her early 20’s she has worked in gyms as a Les Mills instructor, conducting classes including Step, Pump, Body Combat and Body Balance.
Pilates has been part of her life for the last 3 years when she discovered how beneficial Pilates exercises were for strengthening the small postural muscles that sometimes get overlooked through other gym and exercise programs. These postural muscles are so important for preventing injuries.
Rae walks the talk and at (almost) 55 years old would like to think she can keep up with people at least 20 years younger. Having completed a Tough Mudder (21km) at the age of 50, under 4 hours is proof of her ability.
When she is not instructing Pilates, she is a Health and Wellness consultant and is an Accredited Exercise Sports Scientist who is passionate about keeping people fit and well.

As an introductory offer to new and returning participants, if you bring a friend over the months of March and April, you both receive half price classes. So instead of $15 per class, you will pay each $7.50.
This offer will finish at the end of April!

Class time: March – 8am Saturday morning.
Class time: From April – 8:30 Saturday morning.


Pilates strengthens the body from the inside out, making you leaner, stronger and ready to tackle every movement that life throws at you. Using straightforward but effective movements, these classes are suitable for the very beginner through to experienced athletes.

Adaptable for all levels, you can expect a core-focussed full body workout using muscles you never knew you had! Whether you are adding Pilates to your current workout regime or just starting out you will feel the profound benefits of regular Pilates practise!

Please contact Rae directly on 0488039389 or raewyn@phytstop.com.au for further info 


X-training Pilates is a pilates program specially for more of a fitness targeting workout rather than the stigma that is sometimes associated as pilates being a slow, boring, easy workout. NOT X-training though, Pilates will create a burn unlike other training, focusing on postural stabilisers, glute strength, hip mobility, knee stabilisation and stronger balance.
Pilates is non-impact workout suitable for all, so if you are new to the discipline no need to worry.
Lots of rewarding benefits from including a Pilates workout into your weekly routine. YOUR BODY AWARENESS WILL INCREASE AND POSTURAL & CORE MUSCLES WILL BE AT THEIR OPTIMUM!

For any queries and interest please email paul@x-training.com.au




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