I hired Paul to run 2 sessions for the Women’s Academy of Triathlon. I wanted to offer a variety of sessions to keep the girls motivated and offer cross training opportunities.

As I got to the venue I was very excited to see the whole oval completely set up and ready to go.

The ropes were out, the boxing gloves out, the tins, the tyres, the lot.

I knew it was going to be good.

I have taught PE for 17 years, lectured at ECU in PE and currently run Women’s Academy of Triathlon.

I have coached for 35 years now in a range of sports and situations and I have got to say Paul is one of the best I have ever seen.

He was so totally organised, had great energy, the right mix of pushing and getting the girls going and a great sense of humour.

The session was so well structured and had great meaning to it.

You just know that the sessions will get results.

I have got to say Congrats to Paul on just being so superb.

Paul has a great way of engaging with everyone- pushing those who need to be pushed and encouraging those who are fearful.

I have had so many emails and verbal comments about how good his session was.

I thoroughly recommend Paul as a trainer. He is knowledgeable, organised, enthusiastic and a great role model.

Vicki Delves
Women’s Academy of Triathlon

Paul never fails - he is going to motivate more every time than you ever thought possible. There is so much variety, fun and sweat in the sessions that you cant get enough!


"Our club sought Paul for a upper body boxing/strength/team bonding session. The session was low impact (good for our sore bodies) and created a challenging but fun atmosphere through the use of his great range of equipment and knowledge. Paul's organisation is second to none and each section of the workout tested us in some way, shape or form. I would recommend Paul's sessions to any club looking for the extra fitness - strength and mind-wise. A very worthwhile and beneficial workout for all involved. Thanks Paul!"

Tom Moscarda - Coach
Burracoppin FC (Eastern Districts Football League)

Paul’s cross training sessions are great.
We do things that I just would not do by myself and have a great workout and fun at same time.
Give it a go.. as Paul keeps telling us – Excuses don’t get results....


Bootcamp is never boring because you have no idea what is coming next...so much better and more energising than a boring gym session!


After a days work I am usually too tired to exercise. Bootcamp has helped me rise to the challenge, and now I can't wait for the next session!


Not being a 20 or a 30 year old anymore, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up , NOW I am at the front of the pack!!! Thanks Paul

Maria, Dianella

I love the variety of exercises offered it is challenging and Paul pushes to get the best out of me. I would recommend Boot camp/ Outdoor Boxing training to anyone. The group dynamic is great and we all have fun whilst working out.


You make us work hard but it was worth it! Boy did I sweat carrying those bags down at the beach!


I've been training with Paul in his Beach Running sessions for several months now and loving them! Not only have I increased my general fitness level but I can do a decent sprint in the sand now.
No longer do I huff and puff when I play with the kids in the backyard!
Thanks Paul!

James Kidd


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