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Weight loss with X-Training!

9 out of 10 people that I meet training aspire for weight loss. What they really mean is “fat loss”.

Fat is stored energy by the body. Within evolution the human body has developed a way to survive, body fat stores would have helped through periods of famine and seasonal changes necessary for us to survive. But with our modern lifestyle and fashion trends and body images, body fat has become unwanted and unhealthy.
Most importantly to fight the battle of obesity and health related diseases associated with excess body fat it is necessary for everyone to exercise and to eat healthy.

Top Tips in Losing FAT

#1 Get moving!

Start exercising. Anything will do to get you started, a lot of people find the hardest thing is to start. So decide to do something and commit to at least 4 weeks to it.

  • 1st weekIs about learning and teaching the body (that hasn’t worked out before or for awhile)
  •  2nd week  Your body and mind recognise its time to exercise and start to feel the muscles begin to become firmer.
  •  3rd week You start enjoying your progress and begin feeling fitter, realising that your body isn’t designed to laze around.
  •  4th weekYou’re confident enough to push yourself harder and really sweat, get those natural endorphins rushing through your body, feel great!

#2 Eat healthy nutrition

Don’t diet! It never lasts. Eat healthy. Try to be strict and healthy 6 of the 7 days per week. Its easy to have one bad meal everyday, but with allowing yourself a cheat day, its pretty difficult to have seven bad meals in one day…usually after that first bad meal you realise how junk food makes you feel like junk too!

#3 Eat more protein

The secret to never feeling hungry is to consume more protein. Protein helps with feeling satified for longer. Proteins slow the “sugar rush” / glucose level spike in your blood stream, therefore you won’t be running to grab a chocolate bar…Tip- Protein shakes and bars are a convenient way to boost your protein levels with your nutrition plan

#4 Eat before and after exercise!

“What? NO WAY!!!” I hear you thinking… Eating/drinking as small amount of carbs before your exercise will spike your blood sugar levels giving your muscles the green light to start burning calories! After completion of your workout within 20-30 minutes eat! Get some goodness to those muscles they are ‘crying out’ for nutrition. Try to get a source of protein for recovery and this will keep up the metabolism also… keep that ‘fire’ burning!

#5 Train with weights first then do your cardio.

Weight training is far more superior to burning calories compared to your cardio workout. Sure Cardio burns lots of calories whilst doing it, but when you stop the body’s calories burning seizes. Whilst with weight training you are stimulating muscles to burn energy whilst doing the exercise(s) but after your workout your body’s metabolism continues using energy to repair and recovery those sore muscles. Tip- DO BOTH!. Put all effort in your weights first ( 20-30mins) then depending on how much you got left in the tank do your cardio (15-20min)… You will never look back to those days you wasted doing hours and hours of cardio and not getting anywhere.

#6 Take a muti vitamin

Get a multivitamin to provide an insurance that your getting all the essentials into your nutrition. Yeah sure we all say we eat our fruit and vegetables(?) But a good multivitamin will keep ahead of your immune system. No use getting sick and having time off from exercising!

#7 Drink water!

H2O will hydrate your body. When we are hungry it is our brain that recieves signals from the stomach , but often it is confused to which we think is hunger. When in actual fact the body needs hydration. Tip- drink a pint of water before every meal, that way you truly only eat what body requires, not gorging a tonne food to squeeze out the hydration it is seeking! p.s. Zero calories in water!

#8 Mix it up!

Don’t keep doing the same boring old routine all the time. Your body will get use it and plateau. Mix up the type of exercises you do, keep you body guessing, watch the fat melt away. Bonus – it keeps your mind motivated also, therefore you’re more likely to continue! ( That’s what X-training does! Keep you guessing, team motivation, and mixture of fitness disciplines)

#9 Get sociable.

Doing exercise is more difficult by yourself. Tag along with a friend or even better catch up with a friend whilst exercising.  Create a list of friends that can exercise with you (tip- don’t rely on just one person, get a few people to be accountable to make the training session with you) Remember if you don’t have anyone suitable, join up with a X-training session, everyone else is there for the same common reason; exercise and have some fun. You’ll make NEW friends!

#10 Don’t fool yourself

Be honest to yourself… Are you eating well?…Are exercising regularly?… Those little sneaky treats all add up. Just because you do one exercise session doesn’t allow you to pig out and eat the whole cake!
Too many people try to make excuses of why they can’t get moving and exercise or bad eating. There is always an option out there for you. If your not sure please don’t hesitate to contact me for some direction.

Now there is a few tips to begin your fat loss. Sure there are a heap more, but stick to those basic principles and you will get to your results! How soon is up to you! Remember my favourite moto-“EXCUSES DON’T GET RESULTS”


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