Claudia Scalisi is bringing her wealth of knowledge and passion of Yoga to X-training studio! One of the best Yoga teachers in Perth!

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$18 casual
x10 Class Passes = $150 – valid for 3 months
x5 Class Passes = $85 – valid for 2 months

IMG_3494Yin & Restore – 6.30pm Wednesdays

Yin is a style of yoga practiced close to the ground, as we lean into the support of yoga props and explore breathing into passive yoga shapes designed to relieve tension and calm the mind. This style of yoga also increases flexibility, enhances sports performance, prepares the mind for focus and meditation and supports our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


ROLL & RELEASE- 3pm Saturdays (60min)

IMG_2751Utilising rollers and balls to stretch & enhance the combination of yoga practices to helps release tension thru the major muscle groups and deep connective tissue. The fascia of muscles tend to be a problem for ALOT of people where simple stretches and massage sometimes doesn’t help enough. This is the peferct answer for anyone that trains ( runners, cyclists, weight lifters/bodybuildings, Crossfit, triathletes and everyone else!) LOVE TO ROLL!!!

Bio about Claudia

Claudia is passionate about helping others to live their life to their best expression through the art of yoga.
A self-proclaimed life engager and curious spirit who continues to experience first-hand the transformational power of yoga in her own life, she is also the creative force behind Precious Breath Yoga.
Having been a student to the practice for over 15 years, Claudia has healed herself from the chronic pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and overcome self-limiting beliefs that arise from major life changes.
Claudia has been guiding yoga classes since 2012 for both men and women and delivers a teaching style that is down to earth, playful and informative as she creates a safe space for others to explore their own full potential.
“Yoga for me is a place to nurture, challenge and love my body, relishing in what I am capable of with an open, joyful heart. It’s how I teach, it’s how I live, breaking through self-imposed limitations to move toward a more fulfilled life.”

CONTACT : Claudia Scalisi—-Precious Breath

t: + 61 450 833 614
f: PreciousBreathSUPYoga

“The earth has music for those who listen”
– Shakespear 

**COMING SOON-  Also soon Claudia will be hosting a 6 week Beginners Course and a meditation course!